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Collaborate as a community to create new opportunities for impact.

Collaborate across the food ecosystem to create new opportunities for success.

We are on a mission.

Plentiful is on a mission to accelerate toward a more equitable food system by upleveling logistics to better serve food insecure people. Our platform helps access points enhance their services, reducing uncertainty and paperwork, while increasing efficiency and essential connection points. The result: Better outcomes for all, from funders to the food insecure people we exist to serve.

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What is Plentiful Partners?

Through Plentiful Partners, we offer tools for community organizations, technology operators, and funders to collaborate in the Plentiful ecosystem.

Plentiful team

Get support for connecting local families and food providers to Plentiful resources

  • Engagement and activation
  • Product adoption and integration
  • Dynamic assessment and improvement

Connect existing data and technology to Plentiful users

  • Community access point directories
  • Product integrations
  • Service integrations
Plentiful team
Plentiful team

Gain insights about food access in your community

  • Unmet needs
  • Program capacity
  • Real-time usage
Plentiful team

Plentiful aims to make access to food easy in times of uncertainty.